Construction Process when Building Your Dream Home

8 Step Construction Process Made Simple

There’s nothing more exciting than building your dream home. When it comes down to it, a lot of homeowners don’t have the knowledge needed to understand the entire construction process. And let us tell you, that is completely fine!! That’s what the professionals are here for.

At Tomkins Constructions we have a step-by-step construction process. Say goodbye to the fear and stress of building a home!

We’ve established this clear and concise construction process to not only be transparent with the way we work but also relieve some stress our clients might be feeling towards building their home. Because let’s face it – building a new home is daunting! There’s no doubt about that. But it’s our job to make the entire experience less daunting and more fun! And our 8-step construction process is the perfect solution to this.

If you’re about to start the construction process or if you’ve even been thinking about biting the bullet to build a new home, this blog is for you!

We’ll talk you through the 8 steps of our construction process. And don’t worry you don’t need to be a pro builder to understand what we’re talking about. The aim of this is to make it clear to you what you can expect from the very beginning to the very end of building a new home. Construction made simple! How good’s that?

Step #1 – Understanding Our Clients Wants & Needs

The first step of our construction process is probably the most important. There’s no point jumping into a project without fully understanding the wants and needs of our clients.

We are in this together! And to achieve the best outcome, we will sit down together to discuss everything you’re looking for, everything you expect and anything that might be worrying you.

Step #2 – Make Your Dream Home A Reality 

Entrance to the house


We often get asked: ‘what’s your favourite part of your job?’

And to answer it simply, working with our clients to turn their dream vision into reality is the most fulfilling thing to see! 

Our experienced team of builders, architects and engineers work together as a team to ensure we are building you EXACTLY what you envisioned.

If you have no direction of the style and overall design of your home, that’s totally fine! We can help you come up with the perfect design plans. And of course, on the other hand, if you have a specific layout and design, we will work to achieve this.

Step #3 – Discuss & Confirm Early Agreements 

stock price


After we discuss and confirm the design plan of your new home, we will then get into what some consider the ‘boring’ stuff. The boring stuff meaning costs.

Now, hearing the overall cost of a new build is usually peoples least favourite part of the construction process. But don’t worry, we get it! Building a new home isn’t going to be cheap, which is why we give you a fixed-price quotation at the beginning of the process.

This way you’ll have a clear understanding of what outlays and expenses you’ll have throughout the rest of the process.

Step #4 – We Make It Official with Contracts

This step is a vital part of our construction process. Once you give us the tick of approval for the quote we’ve provided, we can then make it official!

Our team will prepare a QMBA Residential Building Contract for you to read over a sign. Once we’ve both agreed to the contract provided, we will be ready to get into things.

Step #5 – Work Through All the Necessary Paperwork & Permits 

Step 5 is something you can leave with us. We will work through all the necessary paperwork and permits that come with building a new home. However, of course, if you have any questions about this we are MORE than happy to help you out.

The best part about getting the professionals to build your new home is that we deal with all the nitty and gritty tasks!

Step #6 – Let the Building Begin

Builders on Construction Site


Here is where the real fun begins! Our team will begin to build your dream home.

We always strive to ensure that the construction runs as smoothly as possible. We don’t want you to have to stress or worry about anything. Let us do the work for you!

Of course, if we come across any issues, we will always run them by you first. Communication is key and we will never leave you in the dark on what’s happening on the job site.

Step #7 – You’ll Be Provided with Reports Throughout the Build 

As mentioned above, we will always keep you in the loop. To make sure we do this, we provide regular reports. These reports will give you insights into the progress of the build and how things are tracking along.

You will never feel like you’re not a part of the process. Because at the end of the day this is YOUR home. 

Step #8 – The Final Handover 

Front view of an African American couple at home, moving in, sitting on the floor embracing next to cardboard boxes. Family enjoying time at home, lifestyle concept


Last but not least, the final handover. Probably one of the most rewarding steps from our entire construction process.

Before we officially hand you the keys, we will organise an inspection of the completed project. And to finish off the process we will provide all necessary warranties and certificates.

Let Our Team Build Your Home

So, there you have it – our 8-step construction process. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of what building your new home entails.

At Tomkins Constructions, we have experience and a wealth of knowledge in building new homes, renovating homes and working on commercial projects. Let our team take the stress out of building a home.

Simply give us a call to have a chat about your visions, wants and needs.

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