Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a project builder and a custom home builder?

We are not a project builder therefore no two homes are built the same. A project builder will have set plans and set prices. Generally project builders will have subcontractor’s completing the work on repeated designs, just different blocks. We build a home which has been designed and created with a reflection of your personality and is functional to your lifestyle requirements, you can walk away and say this is exactly what I designed and it is exactly what I want. History has proven a home will generate more value when it is individual and unique.


Who will be on site renovating or building my home?

From the moment we meet to completion of your project I will be on site.  A qualified carpenter by trade and registered builder with over 20 years experience, I lead a trusted team of highly experienced, qualified and dedicated tradesman who have been working with me for many years. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and in this industry you can not achieve quality and attention to detail unless you have years of experience, knowledge and supervision. We have our name and reputation to uphold.


Can we use our own plans?

We have no objections to renovating or building your home from your plans and specifications. We are able to build anything providing it is your own design, as copyright applies.