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Seaview Studio Byron Bay

When our clients purchased in the eclectic heart of Byron Bay their goal was to create an investment that had the ability to earn 2 incomes from the one title. Our aim was to renovate the old existing house whilst utilising the block to it’s full potential allowing Tomkins to build a brand new separate Studio returning that 2nd rental income and increase property value. 

An affordable & contemporary space for a modern family – the studio was designed to give that feeling of a beach shack with an alluring, relaxed summer vibe. This 2 bedroom 1 bathroom Studio was built as private and secluded as possible making sure there was none to minimal impact on the neighbouring home.

With intentions of letting tenants create their own style inside we’ve kept the design as clean & minimalist as possible with a palette of white and greys through out keeping the flow of continuity with both homes and giving the impression of space.

Please find the adjoining renovated house on the same block under; ‘Seaview Byron Bay Renovation’




Client Feedback

"What can we say, we love love love the Tomkins crew! With 2 little kids in tow and a husband that works away, the thought of tackling our massive project with a builder that didn't match our work ethic, morals and honesty was at the forefront of our minds. Out of the 40 builders that I called that rainy day in May, Luke was the last builder to call me back, the last builder to provide a quote but the first builder to make me smile.

They were an absolute treat to work with throughout the whole process. Quoting, planning, building and completion was a breeze with the team by our side. There was never a problem that couldn't be solved and no task to difficult to handle. They were patient, understanding, energetic, funny, forthright and above all compassionate to our needs and wants. If you're lucky, you'll be entertained with a bit of singing as well.

The quality of their workmanship is displayed in their attention to detail and the finesse of their finished products. The efficiency of the team is unmatched by anyone I have ever seen or heard of. They are skilled, talented and have some serious style and ideas definitely worth listening to.

Our Project was the talk of the town because of the Tomkins crew; work ethic, product quality and speed. All of these attributes together are truly a rare find in a Builder and their team. I was also so incredibly impressed with all the trades that worked side by side with crew. All very reliable, hardworking and honest.
I don't believe they get better then this. The Tomkins crew are it!"

Tamra & Eli McMahon - Seaview St Studio |Byron Bay

“The efficiency of the team is unmatched by anyone I have ever seen or heard of.”
Tamra & Eli McMahon

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