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5 Reasons You Should Choose Custom Home Builders


There’s nothing more exciting than deciding it’s time to build your very own home. After deciding you’re ready to build your own home, it’s then time to decide what you’re after. Are you looking for something a bit different from the stock-standard home or have a different design or layout that you don’t see in many homes? Custom home builders can help make your dream a reality. Custom home builders take their time to help create a home you love, so today we’re breaking down the top benefits to building with custom home builders.

What Are Custom Home Builders?

Custom home builders create individual homes designed by clients based on their specifications. Clients don’t have to choose from a few pre-designed homes to build but instead, they can create their own dream home from the beginning. When working with custom home builders’ clients have much more freedom to create their own personal space and have more input in the design process to ensure it’s exactly what they want.

Clients are able to approach custom home builders with a design created by an external architect for them to build or can work with custom home builders to design their home as well as build it. At Tomkins Constructions we have skilled architects and designers as a part of our team to work closely with you to create your dream home with ease. Custom home builders work on a much smaller scale often constructing one project at a time in comparison to volume builders who frequently construct entire estates at once.

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Benefits of Using Custom Home Builders:

1. Unique Home Designs

The biggest difference that sets custom home builders apart from volume builders is that they are able to offer unique home designs. In some cases, volume builders may offer slight changes in design to homes but more often than not there’s not much room for these designs to be changed. Custom home builders allow you to take primary control of the design to ensure you have everything you want and more included in your home.

Custom builders take specific requests you want into consideration when designing but also include their own expertise to consider important aspects that may impact the overall design of your home. Aspects custom builders consider when designing are:
• Shape of the house
• Surroundings
• Type of land
• Local climate
• Orientation to the sun
• Lifestyle of your family


Once designs are also completed, you have the ability to change areas if you aren’t completely happy to guarantee they suit your needs.

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2. Personalised Service

Custom home builders are able to provide a more personalised service as they take on fewer projects throughout the year, giving them time to focus on each of their client’s individual needs. At Tomkins Constructions we pride ourselves on being able to provide a much more personalised experience and being there for our client’s every step of the way from the beginning to the end of the project.

When dealing with a volume builder you may find that you encounter basic administration service as their primary focus is mass-producing homes each year instead of providing a personalised experience.


3. Ability to Build on Any Land

In comparison to volume builders, custom home builders are more likely to accept builds on any type of land. This helps provide more options when it comes to deciding the location that you’d like to build your home. Not every block of land is the same and each comes with different levels of difficulty, but custom home builders are more likely to work with different types of blocks of land.

Blocks of land custom builders can work with are:
• Sloping Land
• Waterfront Property
• Luxury Homes
• Knockdown Rebuilds
• Large Homes
• Hard to Access Sites

In some cases, volume builders may refuse to work with certain blocks of land due to the complexity that it adds to the build. Instead of saying no, custom home builders will take the time to evaluate the land and design a home suitable for the space.

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4. Quality Control

The quality of the materials used to build your home usually slip your mind but with a custom home builder, you’ll be included in major decisions. With custom builders, you will know more about the different material options and which ones are being used to build your home. This allows you to choose the quality of the materials and make sure it’s exactly what you want while also adhering to your budget.

Another benefit of custom home builders is that they have created solid relationships with suppliers over the years. This often means that they have access to higher quality materials for a cheaper price, which means that you can get higher quality materials that fit your budget. When it comes to your home’s finishes, custom builders know the importance of reputation so you can guarantee everything will be completed to the highest standard.

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5. Potential Savings

Something that puts people off choosing a custom home builder is that they assume they are more expensive, which definitely isn’t always the case. With a custom builder, you can decide what you want in the design and what you don’t, which allows you to set the budget. You’ll also be working closely with your custom builder who will provide cost-effective options that help you achieve your goals while adhering to your budget.


In comparison to large volume companies, smaller businesses generally have lower overheads they have to cover which drives the prices down. Other money savings options can be included in the actual home design as well, such as energy-saving aspects. Having these options organised whilst building can save installation costs later on and reduce long-term costs of living in the home.


Ready to Build Your Dream Home?
Whether you’re considering building your home soon or are ready to start designing now, we can help. Chat with our team here at Tomkins Constructions and we will be happy to organise a time to meet with you and discuss building your new home or renovating your current one.


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