Important Things when Building a New Home

10 Important Things to Consider When Building a New Home

Let’s talk about construction and building a new home!! Taking the plunge and deciding to build a new home is such an exciting step to take. There really is something special about living in a home built just for you!


Like most people, the exciting part about building a new home is getting on Pinterest and looking for images of houses you want your home to look like. Designing and decorating is fun BUT most people have zero experience with building. The whole process can take close to one year or up to two years, depending on how big the project is!


As Professional builders on the Gold Coast, we’ve built our fair share of homes, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re doing. Which is why we want to help you!! 


We’ve put together a list of 10 important things to consider when building a new home. Enjoy and of course, happy building!


#1 – Get a Budget Together


This one might seem obvious, but we added it in here because it really easy a crucial thing to consider. Before you even chose a plan for your house or decide on a builder, you need to put together a budget. 


A clear idea of how much you can spend on your new house is key. From the price of the land and the cost of the build to the estimated rate for builders, you’ll need to know it all. 


#2 – Find the Right Builder 

Group of construction engineer working in construction site


The builder you choose is probably the most important part of the entire process. Choosing the RIGHT home builder can honestly make the biggest difference. Especially, if you have no previous experience in building. 


Luckily, there a HEAPS of builders out there (including us). At Tomkins Constructions, we have an entire team of builders, architects, engineers and certified personnel’s that work together to build your dream home. Once the project is completed, we would want your home to be EXACTLY how you envisioned it. 


You can check out an entire construction process here


#3 – Plan EVERYTHING!!


We cannot stress this enough, planning is everything! Get a clear and concise plan of how you want your home to look, how much money you want to spend, how it’ll be executed and more!! 


You will be thrown heaps of questions on a daily basis during the process of building your dream home. So, to be able to handle the whirlwind of decisions, having a clear idea of what you want will make this so much easier. 


Just remember: time is money! 


#4 – Don’t Stress About Any Mishaps 

Construction workers angle grinding


We know you probably don’t want to hear this, especially if you’re just at the beginning of the construction process, but there MIGHT be mishaps along the way. Although they won’t be major (especially if you have a great builder), it could throw your initial plan out of whack. 


It’s a builder’s job to ensure the entire construction process runs as smoothly as possible but don’t stress if there is a tiny hiccup! It wouldn’t be a true building project without any hurdles. 


#5 – Have Good Communication with Your Builder


Communication is key! This goes both ways – you need to have strong communication with your builder, and they should reciprocate this back. Describe how and what you want as specifically as you can. That way the builder can construct your dream home. 


#6 – There May Be Unexpected Delays 

Construction workers on site


Delays can happen. Even from something as small as weather conditions. You might have an ideal date you want your home to be finished, however, this can’t always be achieved. Of course, a professional builder will work towards this deadline, but it’s just important to know that unexpected delays do happen. 


#7 – Consider Upgrades


When building your dream home, you should always consider its potential resale value. Even though you’ll be the first to own the home, you most likely won’t be the last. 


Just by simply considering upgrades that will appeal to others wanting to buy in the future OR investing in high-quality materials will help your home’s resale value. A professional builder will also be able to tell you about the features and upgrades available. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t upgrade absolutely everything. Just little features here and there are enough. 


#8 – Look for Ways You Can Save

Drawing house plans


Building a home is an expensive process and there is a chance you spend more than anticipated. So, one of our little tips during the construction process is finding ways or areas in which you can save. Find the best prices for fixtures or some of the materials you use. 


#9 – Design for Your Future 


This one’s a biggy!! Planning to have kids? Will you ever be getting a dog? Take ALL of your future plans into consideration.


You don’t want to build a house with two bedrooms, to end up having a few kids in 10 years. Or you don’t want to have minimal outdoor area to end up getting a border collie who needs as much space as they need!! 


Just try and imagine where you see yourself in 10-15 years and go from there. This will make the construction process clearer and easier. 


#10 – It Will Be Stressful

Installing roofing boards


Yes, building a new home is extremely exciting but if you’re a tiny bit of stress-head then we aren’t going to lie to you…. construction can be hectic at times. But it’s honestly so worth it in the end. 


Once you get to move-in day, you will be loving life!


Our Construction Services! 


Building a new house might seem like a tough task, but that’s why there are professional builders to help! At Tomkins Construction we can help you through the ENTIRE process. From council issues and engineering plans to legal agreements, we can do it all. 


We want to take the stress out of building a new home! Want to know more about our complete house build services? Click here. Or give us a call to see what our team of professional builders can do for you and your construction needs. 


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